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DUBAI SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEERING L.L.C. was established in 1997 as a support group in managing the docking and repair activities of various types of vessels of her parent company, Mubarak Marine.  Since then, Captain Mohammed Obaid Mubarak began to realize his simple vision – developing locally a high quality, cost effective and dependable Organization that will execute ship repair and conversion to cater to the growing needs of the Marine Industry within the Gulf.



A decade of activity in shipbuilding and repair propels the company to its new heights by being involved in the construction of more than 60 vessels and wide variety of marine related constructions.  Among the seagoing vessels handled by the company are: Accommodation Barges/ Cable Laying Barge, Anchor Handling Tug/  Supply Vessel, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tugboats, Workboats, Landing Crafts, Oil Pollution Control boats, General Cargo vessels, Oil tanker, Fishing boats, Crane Barges, Specialized Vessels and Steel Yacht.



Year 2007-2008 are ‘golden’ years for DUBAI SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEERING, exactly a decade after its establishment.  New substantial projects were delivered and in the process of different stage of construction.  Among them are:




  • One (1) unit 95 metres, 318 persons capacity Accommodation Barge


  • Two (2) units 63.7 metres Anchor Handling Tug / Supply / Rescue / FIFI-1 vessel


  • One (1) unit, 5150 BHP, 64 metres Anchor Handling Tug / Supply / FIFI-1 vessel / Dynamic Positioning vessel


  • One (1) unit 48 metres, 5150 BHP, Anchor Handling Tug / FIFI-1 vessel / Dynamic Positioning vessel


  • One (1) unit 63.5 metres Multi-Purpose / Pleasure Craft


  • One (1) unit Catamaran type, 28 metres Oil Spill Response Vessel


  •  Twenty four (24) units of various sizes of floating pontoons





Onwards 2009 up to present while experiencing significant growth and continuing progression in shipbuilding, the shipyard was contracted to build another vessels in support of the offshore industry and among them are:




  • One (1) unit, 77 metres Accommodation / Cable Laying Barge, 206 persons carrying capacity (SPS) / Dynamic Positioning vessel (DP-2)


  • One (1) unit, 5150 BHP, 64 metres Anchor Handling Tug / Supply / FIFI-1 vessel / SPS / Dynamic Positioning vessel (DP-2)


  • One (1) unit, 6400 BHP, 82 metric tons Bollard Pull, 64.80 metres Anchor Handling Tug / Supply / FIFI-1 vessel / SPS / Dynamic Positioning vessel (DP-2)


  • One (1) unit, 34.50 metres / 2680 BHP / Anchor Handling Tug of Multi Cat type / Dynamic Positioning vessel (DP-0)


  • In the drawing board are:







  •   120 metres Accommodation / Cable Laying Barge / shallow draft /  300+ persons

  •   27.50 metres Anchor Handling / Towing Tug







Shipbuilding, Dry dock repairs and Conversion are the most important business activity of DUBAI SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEERING   With over eighteen (18) years of shipbuilding and repair experience, the company gained remarkable growth, technical knowledge and the capability to manage and handle the growing requirements of valued client for various types of seagoing vessels such as:



  • Accommodation / Cable Laying Barges


  • Offshore Supply Vessels / SPS compliant / DP2 


  • Anchor Handling Tug


  • Stand-by Vessels


  • Tugboats


  • Accommodation Barges


  • Oil Pollution Control boats


  • Workboat


  • Landing Crafts


  • General Cargo vessels


  • Oil tanker


  • Specialized Vessels


  • Steel Yachts


  • Fishing boats


  • Pontoons


  • Articulated Floating Structures






           Marine Civil Works:



        Inspired by the growth of Marine-Civil works initiated by the Government of Dubai, the company ventured into its new business  activities, i.e. .…. the “Ports & Marine Construction Contracting and Ports Engineering Consultancies” where following services can


NOW be offered:




  •         Jetties and Quay Walls


  •         Catwalks & Gangways


  •         Barge Ramps


  •         Trestles & Abutment


  •         Marine Piling


  •         Bridges


  •         Floating Pontoons / Marinas


  •         Dredging and Reclamation works


  •         Mooring / Berthing Dolphins


  •         Salvage


  •          Beach Construction &  Maintenance works


  •          Marine Vessel Rental and Tug Assistance

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