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Marine Civil Engineering

A decade of activity in shipbuilding and repair propels the company to its new heights and variety of marine related constructions.  Among the seagoing vessels handled by the company are: Accommodation Barges/ Cable Laying Barge, Anchor Handling Tug/  Supply Vessel, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tugboats, Workboats, Landing Crafts, etc.


Recently, the company has initiated the marine-civil department that is concerned with “Seaports & Marine Construction in either of  Contracting and Ports Engineering Consultancies”. Thus, the company is eligible to handle all types of the marine projects.


Prior to this, the company have been involved in numerous marine-civil related works such as:  Marine Pile Driving, Excavation, Backfilling, Dubai Creek clean-up, Construction of Floating Marina in varied material such as Wood, Concrete and Steel and Excavated material transport and disposal.

Quay Walls


Gravity Block type

Pre-cast Concrete Caissons

Precast Counterfort Retaining Wall

Combined System

  • Jetties

  • Cellular Cofferdams

  • Slope Protection / Rock Revetment

  • Sheet Piling

  • Truck Ferries

  • Developed dolphins

  • Piling Works

  • Slip Way

  • Wave Groins / Beach Nourishment

  • Trestles

  • Retaining Walls

  • Ramps / Causeways

  • Loading Platform

  • Catwalks / Gangways

  • Dredging & Reclamation

  • Mooring & Berthing Dolphins

  • Floating Pontoons

  • Maintenance



Marine  Jetty

Mubarak Marine Quay Wall is a jetty to accommodate maritime fleet and facilities, located at Dubai Maritime City


Floating Jetty

Dubai World Islands

The Jetty is installed in order to accommodate a rear berthed yacht of 440 tons displacement (Ocean Star)



Floating jetty

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of Island Settlement

Extending the island into seaside

Providing protection, which shelters the new extension opposite to the main entrance of the main breakwater


Burj Al Arab

Block Fit-Up Works

Block Joining

Block To Pile Alignment



Island In Abu Dhabi

Our Support For the Development

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