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Ship Repair



Being in a strategic location in the Middle East coastline, we offer whole spectrum of marine repair services as listed below:


  • Afloat Repairs & Dry-docking Services.

  • Major Refurbishment & Conversions.

  • Engine Repairs & Component Reconditioning.

  • Fuel Pumps and Injector Services.

  • Pump & Auxiliary Equipment Repairs.

  • Steel Fabrication and Construction.

  • Deck Machinery, Hydraulic & HVAC Services.

  • Propulsion Systems.

  • Automation, Instrumentation & Calibration Services.

  • Mobilization and Demobilization of Offshore Vessels.



Dry-docking Services:



The services offered are based on using the facilities of DMC Dubai. The dock can accommodate various types of vessels up to 130 m length, 30 m breadth and 6,000 tone deadweight. Our services are, but not limited to:


  • Agency assistance in docking / undocking of vessels.

  • Complete project management of the repairs.

  • Fire and safety support during repair of ships.

  • Supply of basic media needed for the process of repairs like electric power, compressed air, water, ventilation, etc.

  • Lifting and transportation equipment support.

  • Tank cleaning and sludge or garbage disposal

  • Hull treatment including hydro blasting anti fouling coating, cathode protection, etc.

  • Propeller and rudder repairs.

  • Full gamma of steel fabrication, pipe repairs, deck machinery and cargo gears repair and recertification.

  • Diesel engine and all sorts of related mechanical repairs.

  • Auxiliary units repairs.

  • Repair of ships alongside, afloat and on voyage.

  • Major refurbishments and conversions.



Automation and Instrumentation Services:



The Division can offer following services:


  • Main engine alarm and control system.

  • Generator alarm, synchronization and protection system.

  • Oily water separator and bilge alarm system.

  • Crane and winch control system.

  • Main switch board automation.

  • Bow thruster and steering gear controls.

  • Fire alarm system.

  • Main and auxiliary engine oil mist detection system.

  • Servicing of switch gear and instrumentation panels.

  • Bridge and navigation systems.

  • Draught Gauges

  • Troubleshooting of Electrical and Automation systems.




Workshops Services:



The following services are offered:


  • Overhaul, repair and reconditioning of rotating and reciprocating equipment.

  • Reconditioning of engine components.

  • Fuel pumps and injectors reconditioning.

  • Gearbox overhaul and repairs.

  • Cleaning, testing, repair and reconditioning of heat exchangers.

  • Valves refurbishment, repairs and testing.

  • Fabrication and prefabrication of steel structures, piping, hatch covers and deck plates.

  • Machining of various components. Shaft lengths up to 8 m can be accomodated.

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